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 Assistive Listening System

Assistive listening systems help the hard of hearing people
better understand speech, music or other sounds. Used in
Churches, Theaters, Auditoriums, Classrooms or Tour Guides.

• Range up to 300' Line of Sight
• Unlimited Number of Receivers
• Lightweight Body-Pack Receivers
• Lightweight in-ear headphones
• 902 - 928 MHz wireless frequency
• ADA compliant

Assistive Listening Owners Manual & Specifications Sheet  >>> pdficon    PDF File
ASSISTIVE LISTENING - Does not include mic
Assistive Listening PackageALB-9000 Assistive Listening belt pack receiver $138.00
Tour GuideALT-9000 Assistive Listening transmitter base station
Assistive Listening PackageAL-9000 Assistive Listening Package

• ALT-9000 Wireless Transmitter Base Station
• ALB-9000 Belt-Pack Receivers (x4) and a sturdy cardboard carrying case
Tour GuideTour-9000 Tour Guide Package

• six ALB-9000 w/ six in-ear headphones, one WB-9000, one HBM-TA4F, and a sturdy cardboard carrying case
WB-9000 Wireless Belt PackWB-9000
Wireless belt pack transmitter (902 - 928 MHz)
Requires Microphone:
CM-60, EM-60T, HBM-TA4F or LM-60
Color MicCM-60
Collar mic (TA4F plug)
UltraLite Headset MicEM-TA4F
UltraLite mic (TA4F plug)
Headset MicHBM-TA4F
Headband mic (TA4F plug)
** LApel Mic **LM-60
Lapel mic (TA4F plug)
Color MicAL-HP
Lightweight over-the-ear headphone (use with ALB-9000 receiver)